Lemon Crumb Muffins


lemon Crumb muffins

In Wooster, Ohio, there is a shop called Pine Tree Barn.  Gorgeous furniture store and restaurant.  They graciously share the recipe for their legendary Lemon Crumb Muffins and they are so delicious.  Buttery, sweet and makes a batch of 24. I like to individually wrap and freeze them for desserts or a quick sweet breakfast.

 lemon crumb muffins 2


2 cups butter, melted

2 cups sour cream

8 eggs

2 T lemon juice

5 fresh lemons, grated

4 cups sugar

6 cups pastry flour

3/4 t. baking soda

3/4 t. salt


1 1/4 cups sugar

1 1/4 cup flour

1/3 cup softened butter


Lemon Glaze

1/2 cup sugar

1/3 cup lemon juice


To make the muffins, sift all dry ingredients together.

 Whisk eggs and add sour cream, butter, lemon juice and whisk until smooth.  Fold in lemon rind.
 Fold all dry ingredients into the egg mixture and blend well.

To make the Struesel – Sift sugar and flour together. Add softened butter and work into dry ingredients until smooth.

Lemon Glaze – Mix together until all of the sugar is dissolved.

Preheat oven to 350. Spray muffin tins or use cupcake liners and fill with lemon muffin batter. Top with 1 T struesel. Bake at 350 for 18-20 minutes. Poke muffins several times with a toothpick, drizzle top with 1/2 tsp. lemon glaze. Remove from muffin tin, and store in airtight container. Yield: 24-30 muffins.

“Cheery” Curb appeal

A couple of weeks ago, my aunt decided to paint her front door pink.  The color is Sherwin Williams “Cheery.”

My cousin who has experience painting cars, used a spray gun to apply the color to the screen door and the wooden door.

 I think it’s so cute and fun! She dry brushed the adirondack chair with leftover paint.

cheery sherwin Williams Front door


She lives in a little cottage on the lake, where boats pass by her backyard.  It’s like a vacation everyday.

This porch faces the road, the other side of the house faces the channel.

pink front door




front door pink









Her house is super cute inside too, I’ll have to talk her into a photo shoot this summer to show you the rest!

What I’ve been working on {July 2013}


What a busy summer this has been.

June has come and gone… July has been full of rain, picnics, weddings, softball, more rain, list making and squeezing in as much designing, sewing and thrifting as I can.

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been working on this month.

Some will be listed in the shop soon and most is in the early stages of construction for Country Living Columbus.


I am loving these leather necklaces!

Hand cut, stamped and stained.

 Leather Badge and Patriotic Necklaces @Besserina.com

Leather Necklaces Besserina

Leather Necklaces OHIO Besserina


Knitting #Besserina

Quilting: Besserina Style.  Which translates as, “No math, no endless strips of fabric to be cut and measured and perfectly sewn.  Lots of freeform cutting and hand stitching.” Result: Fun, Unique, Authentic.

Quilting Besserina Style

Cut feathers from Anna Maria Horner’s new line of fabric – I love the colors.

fabric feathers

Sewing Besserina

Lots and lots of circles cut from scraps for my rings.

Fabric Circles for Jewelry @Besserina




What have you been working on lately?

Would we have believed it?

14 years ago, my boyfriend and I took off to the sea. I was in love with this boy, his cowboy boots and wranglers. His ‘67 Chevy truck, his bicepts, his ability to make me 
forget the world when I was in his arms.
I was in my second year of college, living with my brother who had just bought a house in town.
 I worked for the newspaper, Danny was working and going to school too.
Spring break, we drove to a small island in Georgia. Beautiful place. Quiet. We rode horses, layed on the beach, biked. Took a daytrip to St. Augustine and walked along the streets of the old town.
Last week we visited that town again. This time, we took our four daughters.

If someone would have told us then that we would be back one day with our four beautiful little girls, would we have believed it?
Would we have believed that Danny would have just lost his right arm to cancer?
That we would have a little white house, with a picket fence, a garden, a good job and a SUV?
Would they have told us that my mom and dad were divorcing?
That we would have a mess of beautiful nieces and nephews?
We would still have our grandparents but have felt the loss of many loved ones.
That we would feel such gratitude and love towards our small community for helping us through the most difficult time in our lives?

We have so much joy in our lives.
Together, Everyday.
I would believe.