Would we have believed it?

14 years ago, my boyfriend and I took off to the sea. I was in love with this boy, his cowboy boots and wranglers. His ‘67 Chevy truck, his bicepts, his ability to make me 
forget the world when I was in his arms.
I was in my second year of college, living with my brother who had just bought a house in town.
 I worked for the newspaper, Danny was working and going to school too.
Spring break, we drove to a small island in Georgia. Beautiful place. Quiet. We rode horses, layed on the beach, biked. Took a daytrip to St. Augustine and walked along the streets of the old town.
Last week we visited that town again. This time, we took our four daughters.

If someone would have told us then that we would be back one day with our four beautiful little girls, would we have believed it?
Would we have believed that Danny would have just lost his right arm to cancer?
That we would have a little white house, with a picket fence, a garden, a good job and a SUV?
Would they have told us that my mom and dad were divorcing?
That we would have a mess of beautiful nieces and nephews?
We would still have our grandparents but have felt the loss of many loved ones.
That we would feel such gratitude and love towards our small community for helping us through the most difficult time in our lives?

We have so much joy in our lives.
Together, Everyday.
I would believe.