Anthropologie Knockoff : Georgina Bedding

Isn’t this Gorgeous???
It’s Anthropologie’s Georgina Bedding, this is what I chose to “Knockoff” for last week’s So You Think You’re Crafty challenge!
It was a busy week, I only had one day to make it and one day to take photo’s.  The “making” wasn’t so bad, I had all my materials ready, the babies were being unbelievably good so “mommy can sew” about 5 hours during the day and a couple hours after the girls went to bed and it was all finished.
It was the picture day that was going to be tricky….  See those black clouds rolling in?
It was a dark and dreary morning, constant rain. 
The little girls and I drove over to our farm, when there was a little bit of bright blue sky over to the west.  I knew just where I wanted to take the pictures, it was just a matter of hauling the bed out there and arranging everything in between downpours.
In our rush to get out the door, I slipped on flip flops – not a great choice to wear in an wet, grassy, rocky pasture, not to mention the occasional thistle.  I layed out a tarp, my Great Grandma Ediths rug and set up the bed.  The little girls worked together to carry out the headboard, they were so excited to be setting up their bed in the middle of a field!
After a few gusts of wind, the storm clouds passed and the sun even came out for a bit!
My little helpers. 
 Here is my tutorial!
Thank You – to all of you who voted, I feel so very honored!