My heart is full of gratitude {a giveaway}

There are so many things I’d like to share with you today. 
~Over at FOLK there is a giveaway for one of my new bags that will be available early 2013. I would like for you to have one to carry during the holidays.  

(My sweet sister)

I love this bag. It’s feminine and roomy. I made it of osnaburg and vintage embroidered linen. My favorite part is the long strap, I like to wear it across my chest. 

And on a more personal note…

~My husband was recently diagnosed with sarcoma, a type of cancer. Our life has changed suddenly and drastically.  I love this man beyond measure. He is my everything. 

He is the light of our little Daisy’s eyes. 
He’s given Maddie so much strength. 
Little Liv has him wrapped around her little finger.  
And Pearlie, one of her favorite places is in his arms. 

We had the very talented Laura of Footsteps Photography take our pictures in October. 
I would like to Thank all of you who waited so patiently on your orders.  My usual 8-12 week wait had turned into 16 on custom orders.  Your patience and grace kept me from worrying everyday about custom orders while we were at Dr. visits. Thank You for your understanding.
The outpouring of support from our local community has been amazing.    
We heat our home with a Central Boiler. You may have seen them in your rural community, they’ve become quite popular.  We love this type of heat. My husband would normally cut wood on the weekends during winter. 
This winter it was obvious that he was not going to be able to do this. 
We asked a few friends to come over and help us. 
Word spread.

Over 30 men and women came that day. They cut, split, stacked, hauled and delivered enough wood to get us through spring in one day. 
Our hearts were full. 
Thank You. 

We are truly blessed, all of us, to have one another, to support each other. 


  1. I don’t know you but I want you to know I’ll be praying for your husband today. A young family needs their father, especially girls, and you need your husband. Bless you and your family, Bess, and I hope that all is well with you this holiday season.

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  3. May God’s faith be with you and your family during this incredibly difficult time in your lives. I will pray for you, your husband and your family. I am so glad to hear your community is helping you all, bc this helps a family so much…. even the small gestures mean so much during times like this. God Bless! Tracy

  4. hoping and praying for you..

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