Tutorial: Turn your logo into a block printing stamp

Sure you can just order one, but I’m just not that type of girl!
What you’ll need:

Linoleum block
Linoleum cutter
Paper and pencil
Masking tape
Raised stamp pad

1. Print out the mirror image of your logo on a sheet of paper.
2. Shade the back of the paper with a pencil, remember doing this in art class? 
3. Tape the image shaded side down onto the linoleum block.  Mirror image will be facing up.
4. Trace over your logo with a pencil.  I like to shade in the areas that I will be carving away.
5. Remove the paper.  You should see the mirror image of your logo transferred onto the block.

6. Use one of these baby’s to carve the linoleum.  Use the smaller blades for outlining first, then change to the larger blades to remove large areas. 

Ready to print?
I wanted to use block printing ink and a roller, but didn’t have much luck with it.  I tried a rubber and a sponge brayer and it looked terrible.   If you have experience with block printing, try it, but maybe it will work for you.
A raised stamp pad worked great though, and the ink dried quickly. 
Press the block down evenly onto the printing surface, it takes a bit of practice. You will need to apply ink each time you stamp.     
Now you can stamp your
Price tags


  1. Tracy Peach says:

    Just found your blog via Pinterest!! Love it already and will be making the curtains for my little girls room once our new house is finished. Saw that you are from OHIO!! Im from Cambridge.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Bessie! Love that you made YOUR OWN stamp. It looked really nice! You are so creative! :)***stacy

  3. Super cute 🙂

    I was a lino print addict in art school – but because I was a lefty, the protective stopper blocks didn’t work for me. My right thumb took a stabbing or two. lol

  4. I’m definitely going to have to try this..thanks for posting the tutorial!

  5. Wow! Love this! I just found you and am enjoying your blog. I have brayer, ink, but have to pick up the tools. It looks great to make one of my one. I bought two logo stamps recently. Thank you.

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