Sewing Room {Reveal}

     After weeks of reorganizing my sewing room, I’m finally finished.  I love this space; an old covered porch with 9 windows, an enormous amount of light.  My sweetie installed a very old radiator to keep it nice and toasty out there during the winter.

I basically removed everything that I did not plan on using within the next 6 months.  The cleared white shelf in the corner is ready for fresh new fabric to arrive.  The vintage green table was just found, the perfect size for cutting. My three machines now have their own spot, no longer moving from place to place.
The two rugs, one is from my aunt’s old shop, the other is Rachel Ashwell.

Just a few of my many books, I need to bring the others out soon for reference and inspiration.

My favorite sewing machine in the whole world…this baby has never let me down!

The bag I made for myself for Christmas serves as my briefcase. I love the colors! Pattern and fabric, Amy Butler.

Stash of thread, taylor’s chalk and vintage findings.

From Danita, “We share the same heart.”  I love her, she is so sweet and talented. Perfect for me and my little girlies and our shared heart!


Jars of pens, knitting needles, buttons, brushes and wool.

So now I’m ready for 2012!

Have a great day!



  1. Oh my goodness that is so cute!!! Love it!!


  2. jealous. 🙂

  3. What a lovely room! I like it better than the inspiration pictures. 🙂

  4. great job on getting your sewing room spiffed up. Love that little suitcase under the table.

  5. I happened upon your blog from a pin (knock-off Georgina bedding)
    As I was looking at your many wonderful posts, I came across my old sewing machine. I mean, your sewing machine.
    I inherited my Kenmore from my grandma. I remember when she bought it, years ago. Unfortunately, mine sits unused high up on a shelf because my repair guy says she needs a part he can no longer get…
    So sad all those embroidery design cams & attachments getting dusty in their drawer.
    I now sew with my Husqvarna Designer 1, but I sure do miss the things I used to be able to stitch with the Kenmore!

  6. While looking at your blog, I came across your lovely room post.I love your room and the colors (the radiator is just so charming!) I see you love Danita too! I picked up a ring (Alice Wonderland) and a small Alice block for myself.

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