Tutorial: Ruffled Pleated Curtains { Anthropologie Knockoff } Update!

I’ve decided to offer my curtains for sale for those of you who would rather purchase them! You can find them here. Thanks so much!

I’m so excited to finally get you this tutorial! Thank you so much for your comments and messages, I’m so glad you want to make them!

***However 🙂 This tutorial is for personal use only.  You may not sell this tutorial, or curtains made from this tutorial.  Please do not copy this tutorial to your own site, or distribute in anyway. If you’d like to mention this tutorial on your own site, please do! But please link back to this post. Thank you very much! Questions? You many email me at Besserina at msn dot com ©besserina 2011

If you haven’t seen these yet, they are drapes inspired by Anthropologie’s Wandering Pleats. Love their look, but couldn’t quite swing spending over $400 a set! I made these for much less and while they were time consuming, they were fairly simple.  Really, as long as you can stitch a strait line on your sewing machine, you can make these!

It took almost 10 yards of Osnaburg to make these beauties, lots and lots of thread. You could use any type of fabric you’d like. I washed and pressed my fabric first – Osnaburg is cotton and I didn’t want it shrinking up later.

I wanted my panels to be 80 inches long by the width of the fabric, which was 45 inches.

To create each 80 inch panel, I measured and cut the fabric 90 inches – the extra 10 inches will be hems and casing for the curtain rod.

Take the rest of the fabric and cut it into 6″ wide strips.  Set them aside.

Hem the bottom and 2 long sides of the panels.  Do this by pressing under 1/2″,  then over and pressing 1/2″ again and stitching.  This will give you clean, finished edges.

Press pleats into all of the long strips with a steam iron. Make the pleats in various sizes, mostly 1/2 inch, but they do not need to be perfect, you’ll see why later.  Also, create your pleats so that they all face in one direction – down.

Here is a strip all pleated and pressed. Find the center and machine baste all the way down the centers to hold the folds in place.

Place 2 pleated strips on each panel.
Your seam stitched down the center of the pleats should measure 12″ from each side.
Place the top edge of the pleated strip 6″ from the top edge of the panel.
Pin in place. Keep checking your measurements as you work your way down pinning so that they are strait.
Stitch the pleats in place.

Make the casing. Fold the top edge over 6″.  Your pleated strip should be right on the top edge now.  Press lightly.  Fold the raw edge under 1″, press and stitch across 5″ down from the top – leaving a 5″ casing for your curtain rod.

Make those messy, frayed, gorgeous ruffles!  You’ll need lots of steam, so fill your iron with water.
Just sort of steam, then scrunch with your hands, and press.

Repeat all the way down until it looks like this.

Perfectly messy!
Try other fabrics, make your pleats with satin or prints, make them your own!
Most importantly, send me a picture because I’d love to see your versions!


  1. You are so kind to share this with us! Thank you so much for helping me create beautiful, affordable drapes!!

  2. They look amazing. You make it look so easy.


  3. So pretty! I’m not big on curtains, but these I’ll be making for my daughters room!

    Thanks so much for posting the how to!



  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to try these!

  5. these are gorgeous! and go perfectly with my anthro knock off mirror i just did!

  6. I love your curtains, i found you over on pinterest. Do you know if there may be an easier way to do the ruffles? I dispise the iron…

  7. PS I just pinned this and it has already been repinned 11 more times! Great job 🙂

  8. Found this project pinned on Pinterest today. Lovely idea!

  9. Discovered this on Pinterest. Such a lovely idea to spruce up boring curtains. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  10. Wow they are fab i love them thanks for a great tutorial xx

  11. Has anyone tried using different fabrics for this that you know of? I am wanting to do this in my bedroom but want black curtains. These are just beautiful…thank you for sharing!

  12. Do you know if anyone has tried using a different fabric? I am wanting to do this in my bedroom but want the curtains black. These are beautiful…thank you for sharing!

  13. Hi! Saw you over at knock off decor. These are stunning! Problem is, I can’t sew a straight line! 🙂 thank for the tutorial! We must both have curtains on the brain. I was also featured this week on kod!


  14. Goldie-using an iron worked best for me, it’s worth it, much more fun than say, ironing a shirt! 🙂
    Brandy- you could use any fabric you’d like, or even line them to keep out even more light.

  15. Saw this on Pinterest!! I LOVE Anthropologie! Can’t wait to make these for our new home!

  16. Those turned out wonderful! And your directions were great as well.

  17. So I found your blog a while ago when I was searching for a tutorial on the Georgina bedding (which I’m going to do) and just found you again with the curtains that I’m also going to do. And now I’m following. You’re pretty great!

  18. Wow! Following you now…who wouldn’t? I’ve pinned this & copied it to my personal tutorials…love these curtains and the tutorial is fantastic! xo

  19. Anonymous says:

    Love, love tour curtains!!!! To sad I am not a crafty girl at all…….BUT you should open a business!!! I would so order from you!!!!

  20. Absolutely stunning! Saw this over on pinterest and adding this to my must to-do list! I think I will try just adding ruffles to my already existing curtains! Thank you for the inspiration!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Could the same effect be created by simply doing a gathering stitch, ironing flat and restitch verses ironing in all the pleats?

  22. …thank you so much for sharing! I am going to do these with my moms help for my new home office! I had one question and that was regarding the fabric for the ruffles! I am curious as to how much extra fabric you needed to account for when creating the “ruffled” look…Im assuming you need at least double the amount right? I would love to hear what formula you used!
    Thanks again for sharing this!!

  23. Hi Keren! When calculating how much fabric needed for ruffles, I use three times the length. Hope they turn out great! *bess

  24. I just pinned these from Anthro and was trying to figure out how to make them myself when I found your tutorial, so glad I did! Did you use a no fray fabric or did you do anything to the edges of your ruffles so they didn’t fray? Thanks!

  25. So… would you make these for me if I paid you to!? I cannot sew and don’t own a sewing machine. But I would pay you for the cost and time and shipping! 🙂 karleeapowell@gmail.com

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I would be interested too!! for two sets and would pay you for the cost time and shippng as well!!!


    pretty please!

  27. Wow! Amazing. I can’t believe they are so simple to make! I can’t wait to make panels for my daughter’s room. She will be so excited and so will I. Thank you for figuring out how to make them and sharing the tutorial. Hugs and Kisses from me!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    I love these and was looking for something so feminine for my bedroom. I would love to pay you for a pair of 144×93. Let me know.

  29. How many yards of fabric do you need for just the ruffles?

  30. These are just beautiful. I have some panels that I’m going to add ruffles onto. I’m following you on Pinterest and on your blog.

  31. Love this idea! Where do you order your fabric from?

  32. I love those curtains!!! Do you sell them? I can’t sew lol
    Thxs so much! Shannon

  33. Anonymous says:

    how long should the ruffle fabric be? double? thanks!

  34. I’m in the process of making 8 panels! YIKES lots of windows YES! I understand each ruffle is 6 inches wide…what was the approx length? Thanks so much for your beautiful creations! AND INEXPENSIVE!

    • Awesome!! To answer your question, at least double the length of the panel. Let me know how they turn out! ~B

    • Leah Ryan says:

      Thanks so much for your help! Yes I’ll definetly let you know how it goes! I’m loving this project and for a 1st time sewer (just got my machine for xmas) you’ve really made this an easy and fun project to start with! Well maybe I shouldn’t talk too soon, the ruffles are next!!!
      Thanks again! I’ll be in touch:)

    • Leah Ryan says:

      I just hung all 8 panels in my daughter’s NEW room! WOW do they make a statement and look lovely! Since I had so many windows to cover I only did one ruffle on each panel so the ruffles wouldn’t take over the simplicity of the curtains! Thanks again for such an affordable (I got 32 yards of Osnaburg fabric for $100!) and fun project! I even finished 7 weeks before our new arrival joins the family!
      Keep being creative for all of us!

    • How exciting!!! Thanks so much for your sweet words, It means more than you know! ~Bess

  35. micah whitehead says:

    As we speak I am making these curtains in an un bleached muslin…trying to decide if I want to tea bag dye them or just leave ’em au natural 🙂 Thanks so much for the post

  36. Anonymous says:

    I see you said you were selling your curtains??? How would I go about buying them?

  37. I love these! I had this pinned for curtains, but I think I might try this as a ruffle on a skirt over the weekend. We’ll see! Thanks for the amazing idea!

  38. this is amazing! I loved them so much that I made them immediately, here’s the link to it: http://trevorandapril.blogspot.com/2012/02/before-after.html
    Thank you for sharing your geniusness.

  39. Bess – I loved these curtains so much I made myself a pair, and they’ve dramatically improved my dining room! Thank you SO much for sharing your tutorial. I linked to it from my blog: http://lincolnstreetlovely.blogspot.com/2012/02/dining-room-curtains.html

    I am new to this world of blogging, and I’ve been very inspired poking around your site!

    Thank you!
    Karissa from Lincoln Street Lovely

  40. Love these! Heres mine that I made: http://pinterest.com/pin/172051648234344329/

  41. Love this. Thank you for sharing!

  42. Lovely project!

  43. I love the ruffles! I pinned your tutorial on my Pinterest board so more people would find your curtains and either buy or make them.

    Unique Baby Nursery Ideas

  44. Randi Leigh says:

    Want to make these for my little ones new room! Great tutorial!!!! Thank you so much for sharing… I’m thinking of using coordinating/contrasting fabric but wanted to ask if you would use the bolder fabric on the panel or the ruffles? Having a hard time picturing it

  45. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I would like to inquire on the price you would ask for a set or 2 of these drapes. And also, would you take my measurements and be sure to make them to fit? Thanks again! Tara

  46. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Bess for the tutorial! My mom and I tag teamed to make these for my daughter’s nursery. We used broadcloth. The panels are a raspberry pink with 2 ruffles on each panel. The outside ruffles on each panel are a darker purple and the inside ruffles are a lighter purple. They are absolutely perfect and we have gotten nothing but complements on them! THANK YOU!
    Here are the ones we made: https://pinterest.com/pin/286893438732366667/
    (I hope I pinned correctly and gave you the credit you deserve – I’m new at this 🙂

  47. Anonymous says:

    If I didn’t want the ruffles to fray (using a different material) what would you suggest?

  48. I’m in the middle of making these right now and wondered if you have any good tips for how to cute out the ruffles and keep it straight where it’s such a long amount of fabric. Thanks!

    • Hi Heidi! I use a cutting mat, ruler and rotary blade to cut the strips. If you don’t have all that, try folding it in half a few times, marking it and cutting through multiple layers. No, wait! Don’t do that, I think I ruined my scissors that way! HaHa 🙂 Don’t cut through more than 4 layers! 🙂 I know it takes A LOT of time!

      Let me know how they turn out!

  49. I would love to buy some already made but couldn’t see where could you make different colors?
    My email is nichole_warrenton@gmail.com please let me know how much thanks they and you are amazing 🙂

  50. You are seriously a life saver! We just bought our first home and I can’t find any fabric or design I want for curtains! We are kicking it white trash style with sheets up! This is going to be fantastic! Thank you so much!

  51. Really pretty! I love anything ruffles. I added this to my blog with a link to your page, and on my Pinterest page. This is a must share!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Maybe I am overlooking it it the directions, but how long do you cut the strips that will be the ruffles? If you want your curtains to be 80 inches long? I am stumped there. Thank you!

    • Double the length of your panel. So if your panel is 80″, make two strips 160″ each. You can of course piece them together to get a 160″ strip.

  53. Completely gorgeous! Love Love Love, have been looking for the perfect window treatment on a budget and you have saved my living room. I’m in the middle of making a slipcover for a huge sectional at the moment but you have just given me my next project. 🙂 Thanks so much! Hugs!

  54. Anonymous says:
  55. Really pretty….turned out fantastic.like it.
    Roman shades concord, ca

  56. Wonderful tutorial! I just made these last night, and I have a tip to share! Instead of ironing my ruffles down before stitching (it’s 95 degrees and I’m 8 months pregnant, so I try to stay away from steam!) I just manually folded flaps under with my thumbs as I was stitching….I am NOT a pro (had to reteach myself how to thread the bobbin if that tells you anything), but I actually found that I like the appearance better than the panel that I practiced that had been ironed! The handmade pleats also made it to where I didn’t have to “scrunch” the fabric with my iron afterwards! So it saved me a ton of time and I liked the look better….plus no ironing!! Just thought I’d share. 🙂

  57. Thanks for the great idea. I just finished mine for our hallway landing. I remade old swags and panels into a new look. Can’t decide if hanging down or tied back is my favorite!

  58. Thanks for the great idea! I remade old swags and panels into a new look. Love the ruffles!

  59. hey there i was going to make these for our house we are about to buy but how do you keep them from fraying out on the side of the ruffles? or should i just make that as part of the ‘look’???

    • Yes! I leave mine frayed and tattered and I love the look! You could always hem down each side before making the ruffles if you’d like a cleaner look.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Love these curtains. I made them for my entry way. I changed it a little and made two skinny side panels and one panel for the front door. Love the way they came out. The ruffles surprised me though- I used 2.5 the length of the panel and ended up being short. I had to piece them together a bit but it’s fine because of the fabulously messy nature of the ruffles. I left the bottoms without a hem because I liked the way it looked 🙂

    See the photo here

  61. Great tutorial! I used these Anthro curtains to inspired my cascading ruffles curtains, but I still love these! If you want to see my version its http://arizona.todaysmama.com/2012/06/ruffled-curtains-inspired-by-anthropologie/. Thanks for the tutorial, I will post it as a comment in mine!

  62. how can i purchase these from you? for what cost? thanks!

  63. hmmm….I’ve been in my house for 6 years and have never put up curtains because nothing was right. This just might be what my master needs! 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Ifinally fnished my curtains, thanks for the instructions Ilove them!!! http://pinterest.com/pin/256001560039219416/

  65. Anonymous says:

    Question!! Do you end up sewing over your ruffles to make the casing? I’m kinda stuck on that : / or is the ruffle supposed to start at the bottom of the casing? Thanks!

    • Hi there! I am working on some updates to this tutorial. I’ve streamlined things a bit and I think I have a photo that will help you! I hope you can wait a couple of days! 🙂 Thanks, Bess

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks bess! I’m waiting for that update because I’m scared to mess up my curtains haha I really appreciate it! Does my question make sense about stitching over the pleats to make the casing? I’ve gone over it so many times and I can’t figure it out!

  66. Yea, I know exactly what you mean! 🙂

  67. I bought a ‘ruffle foot’ that you attach to the needle…..for a $1.00 at yard sale
    Do you think that would give the same effect rather than doing all
    of that pleating? Plus it has the part where you can pleat and attach at the same time….Has anyone tried using one?
    I also have a tone of vintage 100% fine cotton white twin flat sheets,
    I am thinking of using this as the base and cutting up a few for the ruffle….
    Trying to make short cuts since I can barely thread a bobbin.
    Kirby Speas
    Gypsy Hoarder

  68. Anonymous says:

    I bought a ‘ruffle foot’ that you attach to the needle…..for a $1.00 at yard sale
    Do you think that would give the same effect rather than doing all
    of that pleating? Plus it has the part where you can pleat and attach at the same time….Has anyone tried using one?
    I also have a tone of vintage 100% fine cotton white twin flat sheets,
    I am thinking of using this as the base and cutting up a few for the ruffle….
    Trying to make short cuts since I can barely thread a bobbin.
    Kirby Speas
    Gypsy Hoarder

  69. Excited to see your updated tutorial! I just started mine!

  70. hi! I love these curtains! i am a newbie sewer and I am trying to figure out how much fabric I should get for my two windows in my nursery. I want to use bleached muslin with a width of 45′. the first window is 33×90 that i need to cover and #2 is 32x 76…. Please help me!

  71. I love these! I bought fabric so I can work on them today. Did you leave the pleats draping freely or did you stitch them onto the curtain all the way down?

    Can’t wait to make them! Thanks for the tutorial!

  72. I just moved in with a new house mate and decided to make my bedroom more stylish! I LOVE these! With a ruffled bed throw my room will look spectacular!

  73. Did you use ten yard for two panels?


  74. Bess, you are a sweetie 🙂 I love people who share their brilliance with others. Hope you have a great day!

  75. Hello, thanks, just pinned! Lovely!

  76. Anonymous says:

    Found your tutorial on pinterest and my mom helped me make them this past weekend for my baby girl’s nursery. Turned out so cute, love love love them! Thank you so much for sharing!

  77. OK, my fingers are scorched from two tries at the pleats. I used strips that were 5yd long (a little more than double the 80 inch panel length) and it came up way short both times. It took me an hour to pleat a strip and baste it so I’m a little annoyed at wasting all this time. Just saw the ‘pleat as you go’ hint, but hesitate to use that. Maybe I’ll just have to measure out ‘landmarks’ for 1/4 of the way, half way, etc and work backwards from there. I did not expect this to be so frustrating. Back to the Ironing Board!!!

  78. Just finished my first panel in gray broadcloth. Looks great! Solved my ruffle frustration by partitioning the 5 yd strip into 1/4s (or 1/8s) and making sure each section was 20 (or 10) inches of pleats. Voila! Can’t wait to finish the next 3~ thanks for the tutorial.

  79. Your curtains are absolutey gorgeous! I love onasburg fabric and used some this past Christmas for stockings and ruffles for my tree. Now I’ll be making some curtains. 😉
    Thanks so much!

  80. Hi Bess. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. The panels look amazing. I love them, but like many of us I just can’t spend hundreds on them. You posted that we could purchase them from you. Will you please give me more information on how to order from you? Thanks again!

  81. do you know of another fabric that would work well? i wanted to use colors but the Osnaburg only comes in the natural.

  82. abbythieme says:

    Hi! Did anyone ever attempt this with a ruffle foot?


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