Tutorial: Anthropologie Georgina Bedding

Here it is, how I made my Knockoff version of this gorgeous Anthropologie Bedding for SYTYC. I created this duvet and pillows to fit a toddler bed for my little girl. Sort of Anthropologie meets Posh Tots!
Adjust the measurements if needed for your own personal use. 

***This tutorial is for personal use only.  You may not sell this tutorial, or bedding made from this tutorial.  Please do not copy this tutorial to your own site, or distribute in anyway. If you’d like to mention this tutorial on your own site, please do! But please link back to this post. Thank you very much! Questions? You many email me at Besserina at msn dot com ©besserina 2011 


1 white queen size sheet set (fitted sheet, flat sheet, 2 pillowcases)
4 4XL White Jersey T-Shirts
Gathering foot
Quilters Pencil
24 inch zipper or buttons for closure
Lots of white thread

Making the ruffled duvet

First of all since this is a duvet, you will need a toddler sized comforter to fill it.  I’m not sure where to get these, but I can tell you how I made my own! I have 2 toddlers, so this works out perfectly.  I took a twin size comforter and folded it in half bringing the two short ends together.  Sew 2 seams 1 inch apart down the center of the comforter.  Cut down the middle of the seam.  Sew a zig zag stitch or serge down the raw edges.  Now you have 2 comforters to fit a toddler bed (it doesn’t matter that you can see the seam since it will always be inside a duvet .)

This duvet is a bit bigger than the comforter itself so that it drapes down over the sides of the bed.

1. Cut the elastic from around the fitted sheet. Press both sheets.

2. Cut the fitted sheet to a 66” x 80” rectangle.

3. Lay the rectangle so that the long edges are horizontal. Measure down both the right and left side making a mark every 11 inches. Connect the top left mark to the top right mark with a wavy line using a quilters pencil. Copy this wavy line for each set of marks. 

4. With your sewing machine fitted with a gathering foot, sew along the first wavy line. I set my Bernina tension at 9, stitch length at 4. The finished ruffled seam should measure about 53”. If it doesn’t you’ll need to rip out the seam and adjust your tension and stitch length (I did this a few times!)

5. Once you’re satisfied with your stitch tension and length, gather the remaining 4 wavy lines as you did the first wavy line.  Gather along the top and bottom edges as well with a 1/2″ seam allowance.
6. Switch back to your standard presser foot (remember to reset your stitch length and tension) and sew over top of your gathered stitches to reinforce them.

7. Now you should have a rectangle about 65” X 53”.  Lay out the flat sheet. Place the ruffled sheet on top of the flat sheet an cut the flat sheet to the same dimention as the ruffled sheet. Pin and stitch them together with a ¾” seam allowance leaving a 24” opening along the bottom edge.

8. I sewed a long, white vintage zipper along the bottom opening. You could also sew on buttons and buttonholes as a closure.

Making the flowers

I created 4 types of flowers based on the Anthropologie version. 

Type 1: You will need to make 3 of these large flowers. (Dahlia on the bottom right corner below)

Begin by cutting an entire T-Shirt of the large pointed petals from the pattern below.  I used a jersy t-shirt so the raw edges would not fray.  Cut about 30 of the small petals as well.
Press each petal turning the bottom corners in so they look like this:

This will take a while!  Pin and stitch them in place around an 8 inch circle of fabric.
Continue layering petals stitching each row as you go.  Each flower will have 4 rows of large petals, 1 inner row of small petals.  I finished off the center by making a large Yo-Yo and stitching around it. 

Type 2: You will need to make 2 large and 2 small.

15 Large Petals, 5 Small Petals, 3 three inch circle for center
5 Large Petals, 5 Small Petals, 3 inch circle for center.

Trace the petal shape onto the leftover flat sheet. Your trace line is also your stitch line. Double your fabric and sew around the petal leaving the bottom open for turning.

Turn, press and make a pleat on each petal.
For the large flower, cut out an 8″ circle of fabric. Pin 9 large petals all around the outside edge and stitch them in place. Working your way in, overlapping the outside row, pin and stitch 5 more large petals in place.
For the center row, pin and stitch 5 small petals.  Trim up the extra fabric in the center.  Cut a 3 inch circle, fold under the edges, and stitch it in place on the center of the flower.  
For the small flower, do the same with 5 large petals around the outside, 5 small petals on the inside.
Type 3: For this flower I made some using the sheet and some with the jersy.  You will need 5 total.   Cut a strip of fabric about 3″ x 36″.  Press in half lengthwise.  Along the folded edge, snip in 1 inch at 1 1/2″ intervals.  With a 4″ circle of fabric as a base, pin and stitch the raw edges of the strip around the circle working your way inward. Cut a 3 inch circle for the center, stitch it in place.
Type 4: Make 2 of these flowers out of the flat sheet.
Cut a strip of the flat sheet 3″ x 36″.  Press in half lengthwise. Steam press pleats all along the strip.  Stitch the raw edge around a 4″ circle of fabric, working your way inward.  Fold the edge under 1/2 inch, stitch around the center.
Arrange the flowers how you’d like them.  Save one of the large flowers (Type 1) for the pillow. Handstitch them in place, taking care not to sew through the bottom layer of the duvet. 
Handstitch one of the larger flowers to the center of the white standard size pillowcase.
Make a smaller pillowcase to fit a 12″ pillow form.  From the remaining pillowcase, cut 2- 13″ x 15″ pieces.  Sew around 3 sides with a 1/2″ seam allowance leaving one short side open.  Hem the raw edges of the short side.
Gather long strips of 4″ wide jersey.  Stitch the gathered strips in place 1 inch around the open edge of the pillowcase. 
Feel free to contact me with any questions.  If you do make this- let me know, I’d love to see how it turned out! ~Bess


  1. Beautiful, great job!!

  2. Love this! Come link up to scrappy saturdays over at candacecreations.blogspot.com I’d love to see you there!



  4. That is just gorgeous!

  5. You did a fabulous job…it looks really pretty!

  6. This is amazing! I saw this exact same bed spread at anthropologie, fell in love with it, and then saw the price. For months I’ve been thinking about how I was going to recreate my own for cheap.. the way you did it is so much easier. Thanks!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing. I need to make 2, but I have pleanty of time to work on them. I am so wxcited to get started.

    Do you think this should only be done in white, or do you think adding some colored flowers would work..any opinions would be appreciated

  8. I LOVE this! I’m going to try it. I have a question….how to wash it? Its sturdy enough to just pop in the washer?

  9. I just finished making the duvet, and now I have started the flowers. I will be making another one, two beds for granddaughters. This is my question: Using the fitted sheet foe the duvet was confusing to me. I couldnt get a nice look at the top and bottom, due to the seams from the corners of the fitted sheet. Any helpful comments before I begin the next one?

    • Linda, I cut the fitted edges off, and cut along the four seams that are each corner. Pressed it and cut it to size. Once all the edges are removed, it should lay nice and flat. Hope this helps! Send me pictures, I’d love to see them!!!

  10. Hi, first of all thank you, thank you, thank you. My daughter wanted the drapes from anthropology and after seeing what they cost, I found your tutorial. I’m happy to say I’m hanging up her curtains this afternoon while she is out of town. I think it will be a great surprise. I ended up paying $35 for the fabric, super great savings. So my question on this project is what size sheets would I need to purchase to make a full duvet. Or will that not work? Thank you so much!

    • Awesome! You are very welcome 🙂 Making this duvet for my own queen sized bed is on my list of things to make – soon. I’m not sure, but I think I’m going to piece together four king sheets. It gathers up quite alot and I’d rather it be big and flowy down to the floor. I think once it is gathered up and you add the flowers, you won’t even notice the seams. Hope this helps, let me know how it turns out! ~B

  11. Hi, first of all thank you, thank you, thank you. My daughter wanted the drapes from anthropology and after seeing what they cost, I found your tutorial. I’m happy to say I’m hanging up her curtains this afternoon while she is out of town. I think it will be a great surprise. I ended up paying $35 for the fabric, super great savings. So my question on this project is what size sheets would I need to purchase to make a full duvet. Or will that not work? Thank you so much!

  12. I would love to know how you worked this project for your queen sized bed. You do beautiful work!

  13. Wow. Looks amazing.

  14. Caitlin M says:

    Would you consider selling this? I have a queen sized bed and have been admiring this duvet for month, but the cost is a bit steep! I’d love to hear from you! Love your work!

  15. This is beautiful!!! I was thinking of making something similar but with ruffles (example the one from urban outfitters). I think the gathering you did across the bed would add a beautiful dimension and not make the duvet look so flat. Okay finally to the question.lol How could you do the gathering across the top without the gathering foot? Could you do it like the ruffles and gently pull it as you go? I would greatly appreciate this!! I am hoping to do mine in a mint green and white! 🙂

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi i love it!! I was wondering if you could make one for me or is that just not possible.

  17. You are amazing. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have found this. I hope to try it out someday in the future. Absolutely stunning!

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is Beautiful! I have a question about using t-shirt fabric, I cut the petals but they really curled up. I bought some craft fuse and I am doing a blanket stitch around the flowers, afraid it will be to stiff. i am thinking fleece at least for the big flower. your thoughts? Help!

    • Hi there! Its totally up to you, but the reson I used the Tshirt fabric was because I wanted it to curl up. Jersey also will not fray so there is no need to finish the edges. Fleece might be a bit too heavy. I’d love yo see your finished piece! Bess

    • Hi Bess. How would you apply this for a Queen size bed?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! How much fabric would you recommend to make this for a full-sized bed? And if you didn’t use sheets and t-shirts what kind of fabric would you suggest?

  20. This is Absolutely gorgeous! I have been trying to find a pattern for this set. I am going to try to make this for my queen size bed. Did you ever make it? I’m curious about the pattern you used for it.

  21. I am so excited that you created a tutorial for this bedding!! I love it! I was wondering since I have a Queen bed if I used two Cal King Sheets if that would work and be a good size when I gathered the material. Thank you!

    • Anonymous says:

      The rule I saw on another Tut for similar gathering technique was double what your bed size is…so two queens should work for the base of the duvet cover, and then whatever you need for the flowers on top of that.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thank you sooooo very much for posting this DIY. I Love, Love, Love the Anthro version, and just couldn’t wrap my head around the different dimensions of this particular duvet cover. I will definitely be making one, no matter how many woman-hours it takes me!!!

  23. This is amazing! I actually bought one of the Euro shams at anthropology to see how they made the flowers and how big they were! Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! I was going to try to figure out how to do this on my own and now I don’t have to! This is beautiful and I’m very excited to make one of my own!

  24. Anonymous says:

    so very talented. u truly are an artist.

  25. Beautiful – what a pretty project. How long did you work on it?

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