How to make a Vintage Typewriter Planter

I have a thing for old typewriters. I also have a thing for succulents such as hens & chicks. I put the two together and made a unique planter & conversation piece!

I rescued this poor, dilapidated typewriter.  Dirty, broken and destined to live out the rest of it’s days in a landfill or scrap pile.  
I pushed the carriage across the top and heard a soft “ding.” I imagined a who would have used such a finely engineered piece nearly 90 years ago; how many pages it has typed, how many letters of love it has created.

This terra cotta pot of Sempervivums (chickens & hens) has been growing for 4 years; it’s formed into a beautiful cushion of rosettes. I thought I’d just take a few “babies” from the pot to start my recycled typewriter planter.

I used some sedum also, to trail down the sides.

First I took some flat rocks to fill some of the gaps in the machine, so the soil wouldn’t wash out.

Then filled it with soil. I just used soil from my vegetable garden. Succulents aren’t very picky, they like sunshine, but otherwise adapt well to even the poorest soil & conditions.
I pulled off some different sizes of the chickens & hens with the roots still attached

and started planting them in the dirt. Soon they will root in well and take hold, I know it seems now like they might fall out.

I planted three types of sedum to trail down.
I didn’t want to fill it in too much, because they will multiply quickly.

Give it a good water, then sit it in the sun and forget about it! Chickens & hens do not need a lot of care or fuss.

Cute, huh?

I love how it turned out!

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  1. oh my! This is the prettiest, old typewriter I have seen in a long time….pure genius! Thanks for sharing…

  2. I so wanted to do this a couple of years ago when I saw this in a magazine, and we had a leftover typewriter my hubby used parts off of for restoring others, but i couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally I realized that it was sold the year before in a garage sale. Now I am on the lookout of a not so nice one to do this to. Great look.

  3. That is so darn adorable and I think you’re a genius! It never occurred to me to use a typewriter for a planter – you’ve got me thinking now. LOL!

    I’m visiting from Met. Monday at Between Naps on the Porch & am following your lovely blog. Hope you can come visit sometime:

  4. I am so sad to see this type writer on it’s last legs. But so happy to see it repurposed this way. Its darling. Great job. <3, new follower

  5. Oooooooooooo I just love it. great idea. Thanks for sharing

  6. I love the old typewriters…something so very nostalgic about them. What a clever way to repurpose it. You’re giving me ideas. If a typewriter could be a planter…ummmm, wonder what else can become a planter? 🙂 So creative!

  7. Thanks all of you! It was so fun to make, and yes, it does get you thinking about other unconventional things to use as planters! My mother is great at this, I’m planning a post on her garden, it’s gorgeous, she plants in old chicken feeders, teapots, buckets…somehow it all works!

  8. I’m loving this

  9. Oh my word – what a cool, totally unique idea!

  10. I positively love it! Definitely my favorite link-up at the CSI Project!!! I love the look of old machines like cameras and typewriters, and think it’s fabulous the way you worked that beautiful old Remington into your garden! I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open for one the next time I go a’ thrifting!

    New follower,
    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  11. I just love how you turned this typewriter into a planter. I reminds me of something my grandma would do. So now I will be scouring the thrift stores for an old typewriter.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh! This is really, really lovely!!

  13. Im your newest follower! Love this idea. I’ve been looking for some old typewriters myself. So glad I found you!

  14. What a wonderful way to combine to great things! Way to upcycle! Thanks for sharing!

  15. This is excellent. I want to put one in my front garden!!

  16. so Beautiful, I think I will make one some day; thank you for the inspiration!!!

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