Maple Angel Food Cake

I realize this is cliche, but seriously…this cake is so good.  You will never buy a packaged Angel Food Cake, or a box mix ever, ever, ever again.  It’s fluffy, and perfect, and fun to make…whipping up 12 egg whites is fun, right?   Of course it is.  Inexplicably fun.

And honestly, it isn’t my recipe.  It’s Betty’s.  I just changed it a bit by adding 2 teaspoons of maple extract instead of vanilla.  Dangerous I know…totally risky…but that’s me, I like to live on the wild side when it comes to flavorings.  The Tiddlywampus stirred in a teaspoon of maple into a container of whipped cream that we topped it with. And we drizzled some coffee over the top.  We have fallen in love with this cake. 

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