:: Making Little Slippers ::

We woke this morning to many more inches of snow on the ground, and millions of flakes blowing around searching for a place to settle.  The older girls were happy to have yet another snow day to themselves for coloring, painting & watching Anne of Green Gables.  Shortly after we get the call that school is canceled, they tote their pillows and blankets downstairs to make one large nest where they can snuggle up and plan their day.  I love days like this, where life is placed on pause.  The little town around us is cold, peaceful and quiet, we are inside in our own little world – keeping warm. 

So warm in fact that Daisy pretends we live at the beach, and the living room is our ocean. She wears her bathing suit all day, sometimes her lifejacket as well. Keeping socks on her tiny feet are impossible and our hardwood floors do get a little chilly. I made her these little slippers a few weeks ago (and a pair for each of her sisters) they are usually the first thing she puts on in the morning.

Two of the pairs are lined in soft chenille, the others in contrasting cotton.   
Winter Peach also makes a pattern in adult sizes so I’m working on slippers for myself, mom and sister lined in terrycloth.   


  1. Those are adorably awesome!

  2. Too cute! My Lola would love them.

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