Turtle Soup

#2 wanted sugar cookies, so we made a batch yesterday. We made these cute little butterflies, tulips and bunnies.

Standing at the kitchen window looking out at the Mowing Maniacs* next door, I saw this thing trudging along into our yard. It was a snapping turtle that I knowledgably estimated to weigh around 50lbs. I did what I always do in any dire situation….called my brother. He always knows what to do…in this case, he suggested I trap the big beasty by tipping the wheelbarrow over it. Before taking his expert advice, I thought I’d assess the situation further by going out and taking a few pictures.
I securely placed #4 in her Rainforest Jumperoo…(this thing is sooo worth $79.99) and #2 and #3 took their places by the porch window while I bravely stepped outside. Taking pictures of anything unusual is nessesary in this family because nobody ever believes you. Last year on April 1st all my chickens got out…no one would come over to help me because it was stupid April Fools Day.

Believe me now? Its a turtle…and a big one…at least 40lbs!

Ok, so maybe not quite 40lbs…30?20?
I came inside, composed myself, gave #4 her “suckie” , consoled #3 who was freaking out, and reassured #2 who was scared it would decide to live in our yard and snap her toes off. Not me baby, I was not scared at all. I was cool, calm and collected…this is why I called for a second opinion, Papa Big AL. He gave me the confidence I needed to go out and trap the beasty with the wheelbarrow.
It was so windy outside! My sweater was whipping around my middle like a flapping flag and I was afraid I’d flash the Mowing Maniacs* before this was all said and done. But that big fella was in our yard now and looking around for a place to call home. Seriously, this is prime real estate, baby. I looked over at my peanut gallery…they grinned and waved “Go Mommy Go!” I wheeled closer and closer, that gaping pointy mouth was wide open just waiting for a taste of flesh. hee hee. I did it. I flopped the thing over it and ran. Papa Big AL…registered nuisance trapper and Grandpa of the Year picked him up a little while later. Took the beasty to clearer waters where he could roam free and find love at long last. Oh, and just as I suspected…it weighed a whopping 18 pounds!
*Mowing Maniacs – our neighbors. They mow their yard every other day in the summer time. I am not kidding. I will take pictures if you’d like proof.


  1. Anonymous says:

    lovin’ the brush strokes left in my mind’s eye by the turtle encounter

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